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Common Dental Problems for Patients with Special Needs

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Patients with special needs have the same common pediatric dental problems as discussed in the pediatric dental section.

In addition they are often prescribed more medications, such as antibiotics, that are often taken over a long period of time. Patients are often prescribed medications  that in a liquid form contain syrups and sweeteners to make them more palatable. High concentrations of sugars increase the potential for decay.

Many medications, such as sedatives, barbiturates, and antihistamines, will reduce salivary flow, causing dry mouth, which is the natural cleansing action of the oral cavity and increased decay may result.

Some seizure medications may cause enlarged gums that may be prone to bleeding. Aspirin or other pills are sometimes dissolved in the mouth before swallowing; creating an acidic environment that fosters decay.

Rinsing or spraying the mouth after each dose of medication is a preventative measure that can help minimize theses associated problems. More frequent cleanings or periodontal scalings may be indicated.

Orthodontic malocclusion is a common problem seen with patients with special needs. Dr. Koidin will evaluate and recommend an individualized treatment  plan  for each patient.

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